Improve Your Smile Using the Best Dental Implant Houston

The care and concern of your teeth are important for both cosmetic purposes as well as nutritional requirements. Unfortunately, teeth decay and loss of a tooth is not uncommon. When this happens the only real option is to find the Best Dental Implant Houston. A dental implant is an artificial root support for a porcelain crown. Using this system provides you with a method of stopping the existing teeth from shifting and blocks the collection of food particles in these areas. However, implanting a tooth isn’t as simple as it sounds.

To begin with, the dentist must take a series of thorough x-rays and determine the level and strength of the existing jawbone. If the jaw has insufficient material then you may need to have bone grafts placed on the existing bone. There is a lot of pressure and stress on both the teeth and the jaw which is why grafting may be necessary. This extra pressure is also why the implant needs a strong material such as titanium to support the crown. A weak stud could cause the implant to shift under stress which could break the crown or cause damage to the mouth.

While replacing a lost tooth is the main reason that people consider the use of implants there are other excellent reasons to use this option. For instance, dental implants provide a perfect method of securing dentures. This keeps the appliance in place when chewing, but it also prevents them from moving when you are trying to speak. Denture slippage during a discussion can be pretty embarrassing. For implants to support a dental plate the dentist will need to implant at least four studs. Two will be located at the back of the jaw and two will be located at the front.

Ensuring you have a wonderful smile is important, but making sure that smile is functional is crucial to good health. Your dentist can help by replacing missing teeth with modern implants or securing your dental appliances with securely rooted studs. If you are looking for the Best Dental Implant Houston be sure to contact P+E Dental. Their advice will be indispensable.

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