Learn More About a Replacement for a Tooth Crown in New Hyde Park, NY

If you need to place or replace a crown, you will probably visit the dentist two times. In some cases, you can take advantage of today’s technology since this state-of-the-art machine helps you complete the process in just one visit.

Traditionally, a first visit is designed to examine the tooth and prepare it for a crown. An impression of the tooth is made so the crown can be designed. The patient wears a temporary crown until his or her next visit. When the CEREC machine is used, a 3D image is created instead of impressions. The crown is made while you wait.

Sometimes a Root Canal Is Performed

Without the use of a CEREC machine, a second visit for a tooth crown in New Hyde Park, NY follows. At this visit, a temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown is placed. An x-ray taken during the first visit will show any signs of decay or other images that indicate a possible injury or infection to the tooth’s pulp. In some instances, patients may need root canal therapy before the crown can be placed.

When a tooth crown is made, the tooth must be shaped to fit the crown. Any shaping that is performed depends on the type of crown that will be added. Less of a tooth is removed for a metal-based crown as the restoration is thinner. A porcelain crown requires that more of a tooth’s surface be removed.

Shaping the Tooth and Fitting the Crown

When a tooth is shaped for a tooth crown, the sides of the tooth are also filed so the crown can be fitted correctly. Any tooth decay is removed during this process as well. If you have experienced damage to your tooth or it shows substantial decay, the dentist may need to use a filling material to build up the tooth’s structure so the crown can be placed.

Where to Obtain Further Information Online

If you would like to know more about obtaining a dental crown, you should contact an experienced dentist such as Richard S. Boneville DDS today. This type of restoration is reliable, protective, and aesthetically pleasant. Therefore, it is well worth the investment. Like us at Facebook.

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