Making The Dentist Fun For Children

The dentist can be a scary place for children, especially when they are little. Their fears may be even worse if they have heard horror stories of the painful situations that happen at the dentist. There are many things you can do as a parent to make the dentist less traumatizing for your children. Below are some tips on what you can do to prepare your children to see dentists in Bayside NY.

Many parents don’t feel that the dentist is necessary when their children are young. Some parents may be lax because they know that their child’s baby teeth will fall out anyway. However, taking your child to the dentist is an essential part of maintaining his/her health. When a person has good oral health from a young age, it can save a lot of time and money in the future. In addition, when children visit the dentist from a young age, they get used to the routine and are less likely to fear the dentist.

It may be tempting for some parents to explain to their children in detail, what happens during visits with dentists in Bayside, NY. However, as a parent, you can eliminate a lot of fear and wonder when you leave out details when explaining what goes on. You can explain to your children that the dentist uses a unique set of tools to clean all of the germs out of their teeth. Some dentists allow children to watch movies while they get their teeth cleaned, and they may have a variety of flavored toothpaste for children to choose from. Sharing this kind of information with your children can make the dentist sound exciting and fun.

Another great way to get your children excited to visit dentists, is to set up a pretend dental visit. For example, you can dedicate a day to learning about the dentist. You can rent books from your local library about the dentist and what happens there. You can teach your child how to brush and floss their teeth. You can be the dentist and play out what will happen. This may help your child to feel less vulnerable when they go to visit the dentist for the very first time.

Remember that many children will be hesitant, shy, and possibly a bit upset on their first visit to the dentist. Many times, no matter how much you try to make the dentist sound fun; your children may still be a little bit scared to go. Be prepared to comfort them and be patient.

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