On a Budget? 3 Tips for Finding Affordable Braces in Chicago

The cost of orthodontic treatment is a barrier for many families. Here are three tips for how to find affordable braces in Chicago.

Get Estimates that Include All Aspects of Care

You can schedule an initial appointment with the orthodontist for an examination and find out what treated plan is recommended. The orthodontist can provide you with an estimate of the cost. Make sure that the estimate includes all aspects of care, including appointments, adjustments, retainers, and other services. The orthodontist may not take into consider emergencies or damage to the braces.

Check with Your Insurance

Your dental insurance may have coverage for orthodontic treatments, and this helps families find affordable braces. The patient coordinator at the orthodontist practice can help you determine insurance coverage.

Use Your Flex Spending Account

Your flex spending account may allow for reimbursement of orthodontic treatment. Flex spending is a type of account that you may have through your employer. You allocate a small amount of each paycheck to the account and then receive reimbursements for eligible medical expenses. When combined with the benefits of coverage under dental insurance, this option provides families with affordable braces from Chicago orthodontists.

Where to Find Affordable Braces at a Chicago Orthodontic Practice

Lippitz Orthodontics provides modern orthodontic treatments to families in Chicago. They accept most dental insurance plans and can help you understand the coverage that is available to you. If you are looking for affordable braces, call them to learn about their practice and schedule an appointment. You can also visit their website.

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