Options For Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment In Chicago

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment in Chicago is designed to restore the teeth in such a way that the person is left with a beautiful, natural looking smile. A variety of treatment methods may be used by a cosmetic dentist, from veneers and crowns to dental implants. Many patients visit a dentist to have their teeth whitened, yet never realize this is actually considered a cosmetic procedure. Regardless of what a person needs to be done or how bad their teeth currently are, a cosmetic dentist can be of great help in providing a beautiful smile a person cannot wait to show off.

Veneers are commonly used as part of a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. The veneer is actually a thin piece of porcelain colored to blend in with the other teeth. The front of the tooth is prepared to accept this veneer, and the dentist used a special solution to adhere it. This type of treatment is recommended for front teeth that are irregularly shaped, those that are only slightly crooked and those that have become severely discolored.

Dental implants are another option a dentist may recommend when a patient has one or more failing teeth. There are situations where a crown won’t be enough as there isn’t adequate tooth left to adhere the crown to. The dental implant post is inserted into the jawbone, and a tooth is attached to the post and abutment. A crown is made to match the other teeth in the mouth and provide a natural smile. The dental implant is similar in many ways to a crown, yet it ensure no bone loss occurs in the jaw, a problem with dentures.

For those who wish to look at more info on Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment in Chicago, a quick call to the dentist or a look at the website will provide this information. One thing individuals need to keep in mind though is the dentist must do a complete assessment of the mouth to develop the proper treatment plan. There may be situations where a crown is the better option, yet others may find they need to opt for dental implants. Only a trained professional can determine this, which is why it’s best to see a cosmetic dentist at Windy City Family Dental today. He or she can provide the answers a patient needs.

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