Pediatric Dentist – Understanding The Profession

A pediatric dentist is a dentist who usually specializes in the dental health of children below 18 years old. He is tasked with providing both preventive and therapeutic dental care to minors.

Job Description

Giving infants dental health exams using specially designed equipment and techniques is one of the main services your pediatric dentist will provide..A pediatric dentist carries out diagnosis,treatment of dental problems, and does follow up on patients dental health.They serve an integral role in the oral health and wellbeing of young children and adolescents. Some of the additional services they offer include:

*     Advises parents and families on the development of dental problems in their children.

*     Carries out teeth extraction and filling of cavities.

*     Encourages optimum exposure of patients to fluoride so as to prevent tooth decay and applying pit and fissure sealants when required.

*     Manages behavioral problems,habit counseling (thumb sucking) and handicapping conditions in their patients.

A pediatric dentist inspects x- rays for tooth decay and gives instructions to hygienists. They offer care of dental injuries like fractured teeth as well as management of gum diseases and conditions such as mucoceles, ulcers and pediatric periodontal diseases. In addition, they offer assistance with correcting improper bites,early assessment and treatment of whitening teeth. They will also provide service for obturating appliances for growing arches,constructing and placing bridges, and dentures. A pediatric dentist demonstrates proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques and helps parents identify the causes of tooth decay for adequate prevention.


A pediatric dentist first attends a dental school usually for four years. At the dental school, the dentist learns general dentistry. Thereafter the dentist undertakes two years of residence training for infants,children, and young adults as well children with special needs.This training involves child psychology, sedation, general anesthesia, and management of oral and facial trauma.

A pediatric dentist is trained to examine and treat children in an involving manner which makes them feel comfortable. Pediatric dentists operate in dental schools, medical centres, and also in private practices. If you find it hard to locate a pediatric dentist, seek directions from your pediatrician who will help find one near you. Locating an apt provider is one of the best ways to ensure the lasting health of your children’s teeth.




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