Reasons Seeing Local Dentists in Salem, OR is Best for Teeth Whitening Treatments

Many people who are unhappy with the way their teeth look may consider purchasing an over the counter whitening kit to try to remove stains or brighten the look of their teeth. While some of these kits may produce results, often they are limited on how well they work. This is because the active ingredients in most kits are not as potent as the products Local Dentists in Salem, OR can use. Because of this, it is often a better choice to see a dentist for professional teeth whitening treatments.

One of the key ingredients used in most teeth whitening products is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. While many over the counter products list these ingredients, they are generally at lower levels. Because of this, an over the counter kit will often not be able to product the same level of whitening as a dentist can achieve. In addition, when using over the counter treatments they often will require more applications and this can cause the process to take much longer.

When seeing Local Dentists in Salem, OR for whitening treatments, a patient’s teeth will first be examine by the dentist to determine the extent of their issue and the cause. This is important, as some dental issues will not respond to teeth whitening treatments. This can include issues due to medications taken in the past, illness or hereditary factors. If it is determined these issues are causing a patient’s teeth to be stained, other types of dental treatments will be needed.

If a dentist determines whitening treatments will help the individual, the first step usually involves a professional teeth cleaning. This is done to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. By doing this, the whitening products will be able to begin to work on the stains much faster. This can be a great benefit in reducing the amount of time needed for the treatment.

Dentists generally paint the whitening product on the teeth before applying a tray filled with the product. By painting the product on the teeth, the dentist can ensure all surfaces are well coated. This can be a great advantage in helping to make sure the patient’s teeth are able to become as white and bright as possible.

If you are considering teeth whitening treatments, seeing a dentist is often the best choice. For more information, you could look here as well.

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