Reasons to Consider a Root Canal, Find an Endodontist in Glenview

Many Glenview residents deal with tooth pain constantly. You may think it’s just a little decay, but usually, when your tooth hurts constantly, it means that the decay has reached the tooth roots or pulp of the tooth. In fact, the pulp can get infected and cause severe pain, abscess, and other issues. It is essential that you get this taken care of as soon as you can. While a root canal can seem scary, especially with all the information you can find online, you can save your tooth and prevent pain, which makes it an excellent alternative to tooth extraction.

Pain-Free Procedure

Some people worry that the procedure is going to be painful. While past technologies did cause some discomfort for many people, modern techniques, better anesthesia, and choosing an endodontist instead of a general dentist can help you feel no pain while you’re in the chair for treatment. Along with such, you can expect to feel virtually no pain during recovery, though you may experience some swelling and slight pain with which OTC medications can help.


Extraction may seem like the most efficient option, but it can take a lot longer than root canal treatment because you have more follow-up appointments. When you get a tooth extracted, you’re likely to require a tooth replacement option, such as implants or dentures. Most people don’t want a gap in their smile because of embarrassment. Likewise, extractions and the tooth replacement procedure can cost much more than endodontic treatment. Many times, insurance companies cover endodontic treatment where they won’t cover the tooth replacement procedure.

A root canal can save your tooth, cost less than other options, and ensures that you’re pain-free afterward. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists in Glenview at to learn more.

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