Seeing an Orthodontist in Solomons MD for Invisalign Treatment

If you are interested in the invisible braces, a consultation appointment with an Orthodontist in Solomons MD is needed. The orthodontist will check if treatment with Invisalign is possible. To start things off, the dentist will take an impression of your jaw and analyze it with 3-D technology This program simulates tooth movement and shows the patient, tooth by tooth, how their teeth could look after treatment.

The process

After choosing to move forward with treatment, a series of invisible splints will be made, one at a time. With each aligner, the patient gets closer to the result. Each aligner is worn for two weeks each until the next one is used.

The alternative to this is metal braces, which are worn 24 hours a day. The same thing goes for Invisalign but the aligners can be taken out for eating and brushing only. The duration of treatment depends on each patient’s particular dental situation.

As a rule, treatment with aligners takes about 6 to 18 months. Treatment success is monitored at regular appointments with an Orthodontist in Solomons MD.

Taking care of your mouth

During Invisalign treatment, good dental care is important so that your new smile is not only straight but also beautiful. For adults, this is usually not a problem. When it comes to children, however, parents have to explain exactly how to handle the new braces and proper dental care. For optimal dental care, people should go to the dentist regularly and take advantage of professional teeth cleaning.

Invisalign – the pros and cons at a glance

Benefits of Invisalign treatment:

  • The aligner is transparent & invisible
  • Meets high aesthetic standards
  • Removable, better for oral hygiene
  • Few appointments with the orthodontist or dentist necessary
  • No allergenic metal in the mouth
  • Provides a plannable result, visible on the PC even before the start of treatment


  • High costs
  • Difficulty in speaking possible
  • Not suitable for all patients

This is a great and comfortable new way of orthodontics to help those patients to get a new and beautiful smile that does not want to wear conventional braces. However, it is not suitable for all crooked teeth and corrections and the process is relatively expensive. Have yourself or your child examined an orthodontist today. Visit to learn more.

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