3 Reasons Why You Need Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies don’t always happen during normal business hours. While some issues can wait until the clinic opens the following business day, other situations call for immediate attention. Here are examples of events that call for help from an emergency dentist South Loop as quickly as possible.

One or More Teeth are Dislodged

As any emergency dentist South Loop will tell you, teeth that are knocked completely out of their sockets can only be saved if the patient seeks immediate attention. When you call to report the injury, be prepared to handle the dislodged tooth with care. You may be asked to try to reinsert it into the socket and then hold it in place with gauze while en route to meet the dentist. At other times, placing the tooth in ice is the best approach.

There’s a Lot of Blood

You have loose teeth and blood keeps flowing. That’s a true sign that you don’t need to wait until tomorrow. Call your dentist and make arrangements to get help as quickly as possible. Along with stopping the blood from flowing, the emergency care will also make it possible to stabilize those loose teeth and allow them to settle back into their sockets.

Nothing Seems to Ease the Pain

You’ve tried all the usual tricks to alleviate the dental pain. Ice packs, rubbing the gum with cayenne powder, and applying clove oil accomplish nothing. Whatever is happening will not get any better until you see a medical professional. You can bet that the emergency dentist South Loop will identify the origin for the pain and know what it will take to make it go away.

Have you sustained an injury that requires immediate attention? The team at Dental Specialists of North Shore are ready to help. Visit our website and learn more about our services in general and our emergency dental support in particular. Whatever the problem, we have the solution.

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