Services Provided By A Cosmetic Dentist Cincinnati OH

Services that are performed by a Cosmetic Dentist Cincinnati OH are utilized to restore the condition of teeth. Broken teeth, gaps, and decay are primary reasons for cosmetic dentistry. The yellowing of teeth due to age presents another need for the services. The following is a few service options you may receive from your preferred Dental Clinic offering cosmetic dentistry.

Porcelain veneers thin porcelain coverings that overlay the teeth. They allow for a more natural appearance of your teeth by protecting damage. A dentist either inserts the veneer directly onto the tooth surface, or they follow fabricating methods to produce them for later use. The final results are a brightened and more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Bridges are utilized to replace missing or damaged teeth. A technician fabricates the devices with porcelain and metal. The final product is either permanently installed into the mouth with a bonding agent. A fixed bridge possesses a crown on each side of the replaced tooth to secure it better.

Crowns are permanent devices installed by a Cosmetic Dentist Cincinnati OH to replace teeth. This is an alternative to bridges where teeth are ground down into a cone shape, and the implant is fitted over it. A bonding agent is applied to secure the crown over the existing tooth.

Dental implants are individual devices fabricated to appear as natural teeth. The devices are installed utilizing a titanium root implanted directly into the gum. This option is beneficial to patients who only need one tooth replaced. A dentist performs this service in a series of steps to allow healing after each stage.

Whitening treatments are a cosmetic dental procedure that maximizes color restoration to teeth. The process bleaches stains and other debris from tooth enamel to allow for a brighter smile. Some whitening treatments utilize a laser to cure the applied bleaching agent.

Cosmetic dentistry is considered elective in some cases. However, some services that are labeled preventive are covered under most dental plans. Some restoration services may be considered preventative, but they may be limited under some insurance policies. Bridges or crowns that are associated with severely damaged teeth may fall within the scope of preventive as well as restorative.

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