Talk to a Dentist in Rapid City, SD About Tooth Discoloration

Having dingy or dull-looking teeth can make people feel self-conscious. Discoloration can result over time because of drinking stain-producing beverages such as coffee or wine or eating foods that dull the whiteness of the enamel. When this happens, you need to review dental whitening options.

Finding a Dental Provider Online

Choosing a dental provider for teeth-whitening services is easy when you go online. For example, you can review the services of a clinic such as to find out what type of whitening procedure is best for you. By taking this step, you can address the condition more positively.

While a dentist in Rapid City, SD can recommend home whitening to patients, he or she usually advises that a patient consider in-office whitening or opt for veneers. Your choice in whitening will depend on the current condition of your gums and teeth and the type of discoloration.

Discolored Teeth: How They Respond to Whitening

For instance, teeth can take on a grayish hue or yellowish color over time. While yellow-hued teeth absorb the bleach used to whiten teeth, grayish teeth resist the color change. Gray teeth may develop from taking certain medications and cannot be whitened unless a more drastic measure is used. Normally, in this case, a dentist may advise that a patient opt for veneers.

If you happen to be a good candidate for in-office whitening, your dentist will advise you on at-home care as well. Just because you get your teeth whitened does not mean they will stay that way. You will still need to stay away or reduce your consumption of certain beverages or foods.

Taking these measures are important if you want to see good results. Everyone wants to have a straight, white smile. It gives them the confidence they need to socialize and manage their everyday activities. A winning smile can take you far both professionally and personally. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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