Teeth Whitening as Explained by a Dentist in Southampton

If you have stained teeth, you might notice that this is affecting your social interactions. In a society that puts so much emphasis on the way you look, there has been an increasing demand for aesthetic dental services. Simply put, these are procedures whose main aim is to improve the appeal of your teeth. This cannot be done by merely brushing. You need a professional Dentist in Southampton to achieve this. Here are some of the things that you should do while considering such services.

The procedure

The most effective procedure that works well involves using a combination of chemicals that help get rid of the stains. Most dentists will use peroxide-based gels to whiten your teeth. The practitioner will protect the gum, as well as the lip tissues, so that the enamel is exposed. They will then brush the gel on your teeth, a procedure that usually takes less than an hour.

While some people opt to use teeth whitening toothpastes, the results usually take some time. Desired results may not be achieved, as they would with the chemical solutions. Most Dentists in Southampton will discourage use of over-the-counter whitening gels unless they have been recommended by a dentist.

Who qualifies?

The assumption is that anyone can have teeth whitening procedures. This is, however, not true. A dentist in Southampton advises that you might not qualify for the procedure if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Suffering from gum disease
  • Allergic to whitening solutions
  • Have fillings


After having a Teeth Whitening Dentist perform the procedure, you need to know that maintenance is also important. Some of the things that you need to do include;

  • Avoid drinks that will stain your teeth, such as coffee, wine and tobacco
  • Regular brushing is essential
  • Invest in touch up treatment at least yearly
  • Follow-up visits with your dentist may be necessary

If you qualify as a candidate for teeth whitening, then all you need is to locate a Dentist in Southampton. Other than teeth whitening, you will also find other services at Absolute Smile. They also offer emergency services and have implants. They have a team of experts who understand the latest trends in the industry. Without a doubt, the services that they offer will leave you a happy customer.

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