Teeth Whitening Procedure to Gain White Shiny Luster

While most dentists are going to offer several different teeth whitening options in Plano, TX, there is usually a general set of steps that are followed when this is done. Here you can learn about the teeth whitening process and what to expect if you want this professional service.

Cleaning the Teeth

Before you determine if you want to have a whitening treatment performed, you need to have your teeth professionally cleaned. All surface staining, accumulated tartar and debris need to be removed. While this is not a mandatory step, it will help to improve the effects of the teeth whitening process that is provided at your dental office in Plano, TX.

Determine Your “Before” Tooth Color

To make sure the treatment is effective, your dentist will use a guide to determine your “before” treatment color. They will document this so you can see the visible changes that occur after the whitening process is complete.

Isolation of the Teeth

The peroxide whiteners that are used with professional whitening systems are considered to be caustic in nature and may irritate your gums, tongue, cheeks and lips. As a result, a dentist will use dental or liquid dams to protect these sensitive parts of the mouth. This barrier will protect your gums and prevent the whitener from seeping past it.

Application and Activation of the Whitener

The next step is for the bleaching agent to be applied to the teeth. Once in place, an activation light will be used to trigger the reaction that spurs the whitening agent to begin working. Some dentists will not use this light, but others will and it is usually a matter of preference whether or not this is a step that is performed.

At the end of the treatment, the dentist will determine your new shade and let you see the difference that the treatment achieved. To learn more about teeth whitening, contact Shifa Dental by calling 469-277-3737.

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