Tips to Make Your Child’s First Dentist Visit a Success

There is likely not a single child on earth who is excited to go to their first visit with a family dentist in Burlington. As a parent, you know you have to do what is best for your little one, and that includes, keeping regular dental checkup appointments. While it may not be possible to make your child excited to go to the dentist for the first time, we do have some tips to make the situation less stressful for everyone.

Get an Early Start

According to the experts at the American Dental Association, you should bring your child into a family dentist in Burlington for the first time before they reach a year of age. Going in early allows your dentist to check that teeth are coming in the way they should be and that your child’s bite is developing properly. It can also make it easier on your child later if they get used to seeing the dentist and know what to expect.

Talk About Teeth

When your children begin to grow, they are likely going to have questions about teeth and the dentist. It’s great to converse with them about these things, but do your best to avoid saying anything that could cause them stress or anxiety. Don’t push too much information, but be honest. Always tell the truth, but do your best to paint the dentist in a positive light.

Consider Attitude

Even small children can pick up on the people around them and how they feel. The attitude you convey can help them keep a positive attitude, as well. If you act happy, relaxed, and confident at the dentist, that is likely to rub off on them. Don’t use words like “pain” or “shot” that will scare them, as it can cause a large amount of distress. Telling them the dentist is going to count their teeth and look at their smile is often enough.

Provide a Treat

While bribery isn’t the right option to get a child to get in the dentist’s chair, a reward after a good visit can help the child build positive feelings about visiting the dentist. Give them a small gift, or a treat after the first visit for a job well done. This can make the next appointment a whole lot easier since those positive feelings are already there.

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