There’s no getting away from the fact that a person’s smile is an important part of how others view them. A bright, healthy smile can definitely be a confidence booster and make a good impression on others. Unfortunately, that kind of smile can be difficult to maintain, especially if someone is a smoker or enjoys dark-colored foods and beverages often. While teeth whitening treatments can offer a remedy to this problem, it’s important that dental patients understand that turning to whitening kits available in their local grocery store is not the answer. When it comes to teeth whitening, here are just a few reasons why professional services are always the way to go.

* Simply put, teeth whitening procedures are not a good idea for every dental patient. In some cases, a person may have suffered serious enamel loss or be actively battling severe, gum disease. In other cases, the yellowing or staining may be so deep that a tooth whitening treatment may not adequately remove them. In order to avoid hurting themselves or wasting time on futile treatments, patients should instead make sure that they see Dentists Naperville before whitening. This will allow them to have their teeth examined to determine whether they are a candidate and discuss alternative options if they are not.

* Teeth whitening procedures that are performed by a qualified dentist provides much better and much faster results than any over-the-counter kit ever could. This is because the whitening gel solution that a dentist has access to will be much stronger than what patients can find in the grocery store. In addition, Dentists Naperville can use a special low-intensity light to activate the gel and enhance its whitening capabilities. With professional teeth whitening, patients will be able to notice dramatic results after just one treatment while it may take weeks (or even months) to do the same with a store-bought whitening kit.

Everyone wants a white smile. However, that goal is going to be difficult to get to without the help of a dental professional. With professional teeth whitening, patients are much more likely to walk away happy with the results that they’ve been able to achieve. Visit Naperville Commons Dental to learn more about why professional whitening is a patient’s best bet when trying to create the smile of their dreams.

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