What Cosmetic Dentistry In San Diego Can Do For You

Bleaching, boding, crowns, veneers, contouring and reshaping are all procedures that fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry. Before you have any of these procedures done find out which one is right for you and how to hire the right dentist. Since these are cosmetic procedures a Cosmetic Dentistry San Diego specialist will be able to guide you in the right direction to achieve your desired look.

There are many techniques that are used by dental professionals that can improve your smile. Whether you suffer from stained, chipped, missing or too much space in between your teeth, seeing a professional in Cosmetic Dentistry San Diego can help your condition. Bleaching is the most popular form of whitening teeth and can be done in the dentist’s chair or an at home procedure.

Another procedure that can change the color of your teeth is bonding. Bonding however, more frequently, is used to fill gaps or chips in teeth. Bonding resins prove to discolor easily and may have to be redone every couple of years. Crowns are used to correct major problems with the shape of a tooth and are good for years even though they are expensive. Veneers do both contouring and coloring the teeth and giving a uniform look to your smile. Lastly, contouring and shaping the teeth can help with a crooked smile.

An honest dentist in the field will be able to give you the pros and cons of any procedure you are considering. Depending on the condition of your teeth, they may even suggest a different procedure altogether then the one you were considering. Visit a dentist that can show you before and after pictures of his clients. Talk about the process and how long the treatments are going to take.

References of course are important and you may ask to get specific ones. Find references that had similar treatments to the one you are considering. Recent references and more complex cases will give you more information about the dentist. Proof of continuing education in the field is also important. There are certain accredited institutions that you can follow up with to determine if the dentist is approved to do the work.

If you are seeking a professional for cosmetic dentistry in San Diego, then San Diego Dentistry can help you guide in the right direction to achieve your desired look.


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