What Your Orthodontist Can Do for You

If you think that an orthodontist is only useful for preteens who have crooked teeth, you may be surprised to learn the truth. People of all ages can benefit from orthodontic care if they are looking for beautiful smiles. Here are just three of the benefits you can experience when you visit your orthodontist in Rogers Park.

Uncover a Beautiful Smile

Of course, orthodontists are most widely known as being the dental professionals who can create gorgeous smiles by moving teeth. They can correct crooked teeth, repair crowded teeth, move the teeth to fill in gaps and give you a smile of which you can be proud.

See Your Many Choices

While orthodontists still use traditional metal braces for many individuals, they also use a variety of other methods these days to correct teeth positions. Those who feel embarrassed by the look of braces on their teeth may want to opt for ceramic braces that are tooth-colored or for Invisalign, which uses clear trays to move the teeth gradually. Orthodontists can also provide you with retainers or appliances to create more space for your teeth and a better bite.

Discover Easier Eating and Speaking

By correcting teeth positions and bite, your orthodontist certainly gives you a gorgeous smile. However, he or she will also make it easier for you to bite or chew food when your teeth match up correctly. Additionally, you may find that you lose your lisp or find it easier to speak with correctly aligned teeth.

Your orthodontist in Rogers Park can do much to improve your oral health. At Lippitz Orthodontics, which you can find online at LippitzSmiles.com, we work hard to give you a smile that improves your confidence and self-esteem. Ask us about our treatment options today.

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