When to Go to the Dentist, Find One in South Loop

Most people know that they should go to the dentist twice a year, preferably spaced six months apart. While many South Loop residents don’t go as often as they should, it is essential that you change those habits as soon as you can. It can be tempting to reschedule or cancel the appointment outright, but you’re not doing your mouth or health any good. Dentistry isn’t about being reactive, which means waiting until an issue arises. It’s about being proactive where you get check-ups so that you know nothing is wrong.

Spot Problems

Dentists primarily want to check your mouth for any problems, such as decay. If they notice anything, they can tell you about it and give you a treatment plan. Some issues may be simple to fix and can be done when you go for your routine check-up. Others may be more severe and require you to make another appointment. However, the sooner you get these problems fixed, the less time you have to spend worrying. Along with such, treatment is likely to be cheaper because fewer tools and materials are necessary to fix the problem.


While you should be brushing and flossing twice a day, routine oral care isn’t enough to keep plaque and tartar at bay forever. Instead of you having to get a dental cleaning every day, dentists recommend brushing to remove as much of the plaque as possible. However, your toothbrush can’t get rid of it all, especially as you near your six-month checkup again, which is why they professionally clean the teeth.

Your dentist isn’t there to scare you or make you spend a ton of money. The professionals at South & West Loop Dental in South Loop want to help you keep your teeth healthy. Visit them at https://www.swloopdental.com to learn more. Like us on our facebook page.


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