Why Should People Consider Getting a Tooth Crown in Cincinnati OH?

Dental crowns are used to restore a broken, worn, damaged or devitalized tooth. By repairing damaged teeth, they also improve the appearance of the person’s smile. The Colerain team has the equipment and qualifications to design, manufacture, and install high-quality dental crowns.

A Tooth Crown in Cincinnati OH can be made from different materials. The dentist will advise each patient which one best suits their needs.

Why get a dental crown?

A Tooth Crown in Cincinnati OH is an artificial tooth that the dentist places on the damaged tooth that must be protected from damage. This is a versatile solution that can be used for several reasons:

* To repair and protect a broken tooth

* To strengthen a tooth that has undergone a large blockage

* To cover a devitalized tooth with orthodontic treatment

* To cover a dental implant and to replace a missing tooth

* To restore a natural color to a discolored tooth

How is a dental crown laid?

Some steps are needed to design and apply a quality dental crown:

* The damaged tooth must first be prepared. An enamel layer is removed to create enough space to accommodate the crown.

* The dentist takes impressions of the person’s teeth in order to prepare a personalized crown that will fit perfectly into your smile.

* During the manufacture of the permanent crown in the laboratory, a temporary crown is put in place.

At the second visit, the dentist permanently cements the new crown in place, something that helps to give it excellent stability. Dental crowns can actually restore teeth to their former aestheticism. A person of any age can experience several oral problems throughout their life: major decay (requiring root canal treatment), blockage, breakage, deformation, or discoloration.


When the patient is anesthetized, the dentist prepares the tooth. Then, they make an impression of the cut tooth as well as the neighboring teeth in order to custom design the permanent crown. But before putting in place the permanent crown, the patient is offered a temporary crown, whose shape was modeled on that of the initial tooth. This is mainly used to protect the treated tooth while the permanent crown is ready. Visit website for more details.

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