Can a Dental Composite Be Unsuccessful, and How Do Patients Know if It Isn’t?

A Dental Composite can restore a tooth that is in bad shape to a fantastic condition. It is not always the case that the composite will work perfectly, though dentists have made major strides in how the

What Happens During A Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal is a dental procedure that is employed when there is an infection from the inside of a tooth. Although the procedure is commonly called a “root canal” it is not actually a procedure, the

Understanding the Importance of Routine Dental Health Care

Most people know it is important they see their dentist on a regular basis to keep cavities at bay. Unfortunately, many people neglect their oral health because they simply do not realize the lasting ramifications of oral

Personalized Dentistry in Ann Arbor MI Focuses on Dentists as Caring Health Care Providers

Compassionate, gentle, Personalized Dentistry in Ann Arbor MI is appreciated by patients who are nervous or scared about dental appointments. Decades ago, many dentists seemed to view their work as that of scientific technicians. They diagnosed problems

Find Quality Dental Care in Anderson, CA

There is no doubt that first impressions matter. For many of us, the first impression we get of another person is, in part, through their facial expressions and body language. That’s just one reason why having a

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