Avoiding Advanced Stage Oral Disease with an Oral Cancer Screening in Vancouver WA

Oral health care is a critical constituent to the health of an individual as a whole. The onset of other health conditions like heart disease can happen when oral disease is left untreated. An Oral Cancer Screening in Vancouver WA tests for markers of cancer in the earliest stages. Detecting cancer in the earliest stages of manifestation puts doctors and patients at an exceeding advantage. Cancer cells can be completely eradicated much easier in this stage. Most cancer survivors defeated their disease with early detection and expeditious treatment. Those who have risk factors for oral cancer should get regular exams for Oral Cancer Screening in Vancouver WA.

Immaculate oral care starts with good oral hygiene habits carried out on a daily basis. Oral maintenance is implemented to completion with professional oral care at Lewis Family Dentistry. For those who have lost teeth and need a second chance at a healthy smile and functional teeth for eating and speaking, dental implants is the answer. Dental implants can replace a whole set of teeth with a strong foundation. People who live with dental implants can say a healthy set of natural teeth and implants are like one and the same. They look, feel and perform the same as natural teeth do.

Patients are prepared for dental implants by first getting a specialized care plan. The roots under the gums of the missing teeth are examined to see if they can provide some support for the posts implants are fused with. Titanium posts are the components dentists connect to the bone in the jaw and act as tooth roots. After posts are mounted into the mouth, it’s given time to heal and fuse with the jawbone. The dentist places a second post called abutment to hold the implant in place. The doctor makes an impression of the mouth so implants of the right size and shape can be assembled in a lab. People who’ve had the procedure say there’s minimal discomfort and tenderness during the healing process is short lived. Implants can restore fullness in the face that can be lost when missing teeth create an empty space in the jaw. People who use to wear dentures appreciate implants for they mend all the faults associated with removable appliances. You can also viist them on Twitter for more information.

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