Save Your Smile With Dental Implants In Oak Brook, IL

Regardless of how careful people are, sooner or later they are likely to run into problems with their teeth. We all know about getting cavities and how a dentist can fill them. Did you know that a fairly simple gum disease can start to infect the root of a tooth before that gum disease is cured. The infection to the tooth root can’t be see right away. It burrows inside the root and eats away the nerves inside the tooth and then starts eating away the tooth from the inside where it can’t be seen. Eventually the tooth will become so weakened that when you bite down on something the tooth simply break open. When you go to the dentist with your broken tooth you will be told that the entire tooth will have to be taken out. At that point you will have two choices in how to get your smile back into shape.

You could have a bridge made. This is an artificial tooth that is put into the space of the missing tooth. It is held in place by wire clamps that connect to the surrounding teeth. The problem with this solution is that the surrounding teeth may have to be reshaped for the bridge clamp to fit. As you take the bridge out for cleaning, you can damage the teeth it is connected and they more easily get cavities.

Dental Implants in Oak Brook, IL is a much better solution. Dental implants are also artificial teeth that replace the missing tooth. The difference is that Dental Implants in Oak Brook, IL are more permanent replacements. The base of the implant (like the root of a tooth) is actually grafted right onto the jaw bone. You never take this tooth out to clean it. You just brush it like you do the natural teeth in your mouth. The implanted tooth will never get a cavity and will be even stronger that the surrounding natural teeth. Our bones continue to grow all of through our life and as the jaw bone continues to grow, it grows right over where the tooth is grafted making its base even stronger as times passes.

If you are an adult that has lost a tooth for any reason, call a dental implant specialist at website to get your permanent replacement. This is the very best way to get your smile back permanently.

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