How Often Should You See Your Dentist?

When you were a child, scheduling regular visits to the dentist was one of your parent’s responsibilities, all you had to do was “grin and bear” the appointments. Now that you are an adult you may find that the time between dental appointments has stretched out due to family and work commitments. Even if you maintain your teeth well and there are no apparent problems, you still need to see your dentist in Mount Prospect, how often is left up to you. Some people might have to see their dentist several times during the year while others can get along well with their once a year check-up.

Regular dental visits:

Because no two people are exactly alike, there can be no perfect number of times to see the dentist annually. Even though this is the case, the American Dental Association suggest twice a year visits. Even if you find that your teeth and gums are in excellent condition, you can get a professional cleaning which is one excellent way to ensure good oral health.

Changes in your dental condition:

Although it is best to see the dentist once or twice a year, never delay making an appointment if you sense a change in your dental condition, especially pain. If you sense pain when you are taking hot or cold beverages if you should inadvertently chip a tooth or your gums begin to bleed, arrange to see your dentist in Mount Prospect as soon as possible. Dental problems do not solve themselves, without the professional attention they only get worse.

The question remains; “how often should you visit your dentist in Mount Prospect?” The answer lies within yourself, it depends on your health, any dental concerns you may have and risk factors. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to act. With regular dental visits and good oral hygiene, your teeth should give you a lifetime of service.

It is recommended you visit your dentist in Mount Prospect once or twice a year for a routine checkup and professional cleaning. You are invited to make an early appointment with James Kakos, DDS. Visit for more information.

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