The Advantages Of Visiting Your Emergency Dentist In North Sydney

When most people think of dentistry, they think of a general dentist who can perform some cosmetic procedures, and in most cases, this is enough for those living in North Sydney. However, when an emergency arises, it is essential that you have somewhere to go with a professional who is knowledgeable and skilled in dealing with your particular crisis. Instead of waiting for your regular dental professional, you can get the help you need immediately, no matter what time of day it is.

Your Filling Came Loose/Fell Out

Most people think that cavity fillings are for life, and in most cases, they can last forever. However, fillings can come loose or fall out completely. These missing crowns and fillings can leave your tooth vulnerable to many problems. Bacteria can infect the inside of the tooth, requiring more work, and you may experience pain when trying to eat or drink.

An emergency dentist in North Sydney can put in a new filling, replacing the lost one with a newer, stronger one.

Your Tooth Is Chipped/Cracked

A chipped or cracked tooth probably doesn’t seem like a crisis unless there is pain. However, it can make your tooth and surrounding teeth more vulnerable to damage. You can risk breaking the tooth in half or knocking the tooth out completely. Likewise, a damaged tooth is more susceptible to damage and decay, so it’s best to have it fixed immediately. Dentists can use tooth-coloured bonding material to fill in the chipped space, keeping the aesthetics and providing protection.

You Have A Toothache

Toothaches may not seem like a huge danger, but it can cause extreme pain and a feeling of malaise. It’s usually caused by decay, and an emergency dentist in North Sydney can determine the cause and fix the problem.

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