Using Implant Dentistry Services in Ann Arbor, MI

When someone wishes to fill in spaces in their mouth where teeth are missing, they have the option of having Implant Dentistry Services in Ann Arbor, MI or getting a set of dentures. This is a personal decision that the person will need to contemplate in depth to decide which route they wish to take. In many instances, people find that having implants placed can be an extremely beneficial move over getting dentures.

When implants are placed in the mouth, the person will need to have a surgical procedure. Steel rods will be fused to the bone underneath the gums and they will be directed through the gums so they protrude into the areas where teeth are missing. Porcelain teeth will then be cemented to the steel rods, giving the person a realistic look that no one will know is actually false teeth.

After this surgery is done, the person will no longer have any pain in the area. With dentures, there is discomfort and slight pain after having them in place for several hours a day. This makes it necessary to remove them to relieve the gums. Denture wearers find they have difficulty eating certain foods. Chewy or hard items could either damage the dentures or cause them to become dislodged from the mouth. Implants will allow the person to eat what they eat whenever they wish. There is no worry that the teeth will fall out, giving the person the benefit of a healthy looking smile without embarrassment.

Cleaning dentures can be a messy process as there is an adhesive used to keep them in the mouth. This will need to be removed from the dentures daily so bacteria does not form upon them. With implants, the wearer will only need to continue routine oral care practices like brushing, flossing, and seeing a dentist for cleanings.

If someone is interested in having implant dentistry services in Ann Arbor, MI they can contact a professional dentist in their area for a consultation. Schedule an appointment today to find out more about getting implants and to have the process started if desired.

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