Your Smile Will Be Made Complete With Dental Implants in Salem OR

One of the most common reasons a person sees a cosmetic dentist is to see what they can do about the issue of missing teeth. When a person is missing some of their natural teeth, this issue can cause them to feel uncomfortable smiling because they do not want others to see their smile. When several teeth are missing, this can sometimes have a big impact on how well a person can chew their food. For a permanent tooth replacement, the dentist can offer dental implants in Salem OR.

When a person has missing teeth, they should consider seeing their dentist for dental implants in Salem OR. Dental implants are a permanent replacement option for those who are missing teeth and are meant to last a lifetime. Although the crown portion of the implant can sometimes end up needing to be replaced due to damage, the titanium rod rarely experiences damage because it is buried deep within the jawbone and is fully bonded with the bone through new bone cell growth.

A person must go through an in-office surgical procedure for the placement of the titanium rod. The placement of the rod is vital for ensuring the implant will be able to perform as a natural tooth would. With a strong implant, a person will be able to chew with confidence, not worrying about their implant coming dislodged and being damaged.

The process of bone cell bonding takes a few months but some individuals may be able to have a mini implant put in place so they will not have to wait for this process. Once all three parts of the implant are joined together, the only part that will be visible above the gum line is the prosthetic tooth. This is imperative for the most natural look.

Those who are tired of having smiles with missing teeth are urged to seek the dentist to learn about their options for dental implants. Call Riverfront Dental LLC and ask them to schedule your appointment so you can get started on the process. They will help you achieve a beautifully restored smile so you can regain your confidence.

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