A Few Reasons You Might Need a Root Canal in Fort Worth, Texas

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Pediatric Dentist


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A root canal removes the part of the tooth that has been destroyed by microbes. It can help save a tooth that’s partially damaged or decayed, preventing it from getting fully destroyed. The treatment can also prevent your tooth from getting infected again if follow-up care is given. With a root canal, the infected pulp is extracted, and the inner part of the tooth is cleansed and disinfected. Then it is filled and sealed. A root canal is a procedure to remove extreme tooth decay.

When a root canal specialist in Fort Worth, TX sees that the decay has found its way into the softcore of your tooth, it could infect the pulp, leaving it inflamed or dead. With a root canal procedure, that decay is removed.

Most people will visit a root canal specialist in Fort Worth, TX, if they have persistent tooth pain. The pain might be intermittent. It might be felt in the jaw or the bone of the tooth.

Tooth sensitivity towards heat and cold that persists for a long time could mean that the tooth infection has reached the point where a root canal is needed. If it hurts when consuming cold or hot beverages, this could indicate that blood vessels in the tooth are either damaged, infected, or both.

An infection in the pulp can leave a tooth looking discolored. As a result, the tooth can take on a grayish-black appearance. Tooth pulp can die if it doesn’t get enough blood supply. If this lack of blood supply is caused by decay, the dentist might recommend a root canal procedure.

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