Basics of Dental Implants

Getting implants can be a much better option for you than dentures. If you’re interested in the procedure, read on to learn key details before you look for a dentist and consult about dental implants in Southampton.

The procedure
Implants are surgically implanted into your jawbone. Designed to replace the root of your tooth, it’s an ideal treatment for providing support for lost tooth, the Huffington Post says. The implants are fused with your jawbone so they won’t slip or cause damage to your bone.

The benefits
Unlike dentures, implants make it possible for you to get new teeth that feel, look, and work like real ones. They’re strong and durable so with proper care and maintenance, your implants could last you for many, many years. The best benefit it offers, though, is the solid support it provides your new teeth. If you don’t like the thought of dealing with removable dentures, then getting dental implants in Southampton is a viable option for you.

The reminders
Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure, though. That’s why you need to consult with your dentist first before you go ahead. If your dental care provider doesn’t do any tests or doesn’t examine you, then that’s a red flag. If you don’t have adequate bone structure for the implants, you might not qualify. It’s important that your dentist confirm this detail or you’ll end up with less-than-stellar results.

The treatment
Choose an experienced dentist to perform the operation. Someone who’s been doing this treatment for years will be in an ideal position to provide you with the level and quality of dental care you want. Also, it would be good to pick someone you’re at ease with. That’s going to make your visits for treatment or regular checkups much more pleasant and something to look forward to in the future.

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