Bone Grafting As An Option For Dental Implants

Some people may reach a point in their life when they have to consider dental implants near Northbrook. A dental implant is an option for someone who is missing a tooth. Implants are installed into a patient’s mouth to replace damaged tooth roots. These implants create the appropriate conditions for permanent or removable replacement teeth that can match a person’s original teeth in appearance and look like an entirely natural part of his or her smile.

In some situations, a dentist may suggest Bone Grafting as a facet of dental implants. Some patients consider this to be a frightening process. In part, the fear associate with this process is associated with its name. This procedure is simply a method for dentists to replace missing bones in the mouth or repair fractures that could be risky or painful for patients. It’s an entirely viable surgical procedure.

Furthermore, Bone Grafting is often preferred by patients in place of dental screws. These screws are essentially screws that have been placed into a person’s jaw. They are there to hold the dental implant in place after the implant procedure is finished. While dental screws are a reasonable option for some patients, a dentist or an oral surgeon may recommend grafting to alleviate painful symptoms or to reduce the risk of a person developing painful symptoms later on by restructuring the bones and attempting to remedy any abnormalities in the bone’s pre-operative condition.

With dental science continually evolving, oral surgeons have noted that there has been a decrease amongst oral physicians who offer grafting. Grafting is a standard procedure, but the need for grafting has been reduced significantly through the invention of such objects like dental screws. Most grafting procedures today are minimally invasive surgeries that are needed only to adjust a small portion of the patient’s bone or replace the bone. Bone is requirement to hold a dental implant in place making this procedure most common for people who are seeking dental implants near Northbrook.

Despite the lessening frequency of this procedure, there are still surgeons available to perform grafting. Chicago Beautiful Smiles is one option for someone who is seeking out dental implants and may even require grafting.

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