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Why Should People Consider Getting a Tooth Crown in Cincinnati OH?

Dental crowns are used to restore a broken, worn, damaged or devitalized tooth. By repairing damaged teeth, they also improve the appearance of the person’s smile. The Colerain team has the equipment and qualifications to design, manufacture,

Tooth or Gum Disease Prevention in Lawrence, KS Is Easier with a Competent Dentist

Good dentists are there for much more than just regular checkups because they can take excellent care of your teeth and gums regardless of what the problem is. You can even count on them for preventative care

The Difference that Modern Dentistry Makes

Dentistry was once a painful and even frightening experience for patients. In previous centuries, anesthetics and pain management were not common or well-understood. Dental procedures – even complicated ones – were performed while patients were awake and

The Basic Services from an Orthodontist

Orthodontics is a field of dental medicine that is performed by professionals who have undergone special training past the standard dentistry training. Orthodontics as a field is mostly focused on treating misaligned teeth and jaws. For example,

Three Reasons to Get Veneers in Baltimore, MD

Unattractive teeth can affect the confidence of many people, and as a result, they may not smile very often to avoid showing their teeth. Fortunately, there are several cosmetic dental procedures that can improve the appearance of

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