Dentists Fighting Gum Disease

Gum disease in Cary, IL is something that Dentists know affects millions of people. It’s easy for dentists to tell if their patients have gum disease, but people can also learn how to recognize the signs of gum disease. In the early stages, individuals might notice that their gums are puffy and look irritated. They might also notice bleeding after they brush their teeth or floss. If early signs of gum disease in Cary, IL are ignored, the condition will get much more serious. It can lead to a condition where the bone is lost, and teeth eventually start to fall out of a person’s mouth.

Although some people are genetically prone to gum disease in Cary, IL, dentists also know that the condition can be caused when people aren’t taking their oral health seriously. People can usually prevent gum disease if they brush their teeth at least three times daily. As far as brushing sessions go, individuals need to remember that three minutes is the amount of time needed to thoroughly clean the mouth. Flossing will also help to prevent gum disease. Making use of an antiseptic mouthwash can also help to fight the bacteria that can cause people to develop infected gums. When people notice early signs of gum disease in Cary, IL, they need to devote more time to their oral health routines.

Cary Dental Associates LLC and other dental clinics can help people fight gum disease. First, dentists at clinics can diagnose the condition. After a person is diagnosed, a dentist will consider which options should be used to fight the condition. In some cases, they might prescribe mouthwash that is much stronger than any of the over-the-counter rinses that are available. After a patient has used the mouthwash for a predetermined period of time, the patient’s dentist will reevaluate the condition. In other cases, a dentist might have to perform surgery in order to fight gum disease. Surgery is usually reserved for severe cases of gum disease.

People who are genetically prone to gum disease in Cary, IL will have to make more frequent trips to the dentist than those who are not prone to the condition. Fortunately, dentists are able to tell if children are more likely to develop gum disease. This means that dentists can help children have healthy gums, so they don’t suffer lifelong consequences from gum disease. Contact Cary Dental Associates LLC for more information.

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