Facts to Think of When Implants in Short Hills, NJ are Being Considered

Dental implants in Short Hills, NJ are a safe and recognized method of restoring health, function and beauty to your mouth. With a perfect smile, the patient can regain the confidence they had before the loss of teeth. Currently, dental implants have a success rate of 93 to 95%. If you have a removable prosthesis or have lost some of your teeth, implants offer great benefits as they are very effective in restoring proper chewing function. They can do so without forgetting that self-esteem of the individual plays a huge aesthetic role.

Implants are tiny titanium biocompatible devices that are placed in the upper or lower jawbone, and are intended to replace teeth. These can be used to replace one or more missing teeth, and even though there are several alternatives to replace the teeth, implants are among the best. There is no age limit when it comes to dental implants, but they must have passed adolescence. The elderly must meet certain health requirements, which is why it is vital everyone consults with their dental professional first to assess bone and gum issues.

Implantation is Simple

It’s very important to stop dental implant bone resorption caused by loss of teeth. The procedure should be done in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia. The surgery and postoperative actions is imperceptible. While the patient awaits the bone integration cycle, he or she can use temporary prosthesis until the healing period is complete. The second step is placing the implant abutments on the prosthesis. These can be fixed or removable, as it depends on the treatment set. This procedure is very simple, quick and does not require anesthesia. Click here to know more.

Once the dental implant is placed, an x-ray can allow the dentist to see if the implant it within the bone, correctly replacing the root of the missing tooth. If it has, the patient should wait about 40 days until the final crown is put into place. Another way would be to put several implants in the previous zone and place a fixed bridge in the space, which is adhered to the implants. These are normally fixed, meaning they cannot be removed. Implants in Short Hills, NJ are gaining plenty of steam in the cosmetic dentistry world because of the aesthetics and the oral health aspects they present. For more information about implants or any other dental issue, contact Westfield Oral Surgery today.

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