Give Your Child a Lifelong Healthy Smile with Pediatric Dentistry in Mequon WI

Every parent’s job is to prepare their child for adulthood. This job includes providing the care and love they need to become healthy, productive adults. One method for ensuring a happier, healthier adulthood is to provide that child with the habits and care they need to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile throughout their life. Pediatric Dentistry in Mequon WI can help parents achieve this goal by providing the preventive care and treatments a child needs to keep their teeth healthy and strong throughout childhood and into adulthood.

First Visit

A child should have their first visit with a dentist by the time their first tooth erupts. This allows the dentist to check the child’s gum and jaw to ensure there are no problems with the growth and eruption of the teeth. These early visits also allow the child to become used to the regular visits to help avoid anxiety and fear of the dentist. Pediatric Dentistry in Mequon WI can provide these early visits and provide information for parents to help their child learn and maintain healthy oral hygiene habits at home.

Preventive Care

As a child grows, regular visits to the dentist provide them with the examinations and treatments they need to keep their teeth healthy and strong. Regular fluoride treatments are often provided to children to help ensure their teeth have the ability to maintain healthy enamel. In addition, the dentist may also provide a child with sealants over their teeth. These sealants help to prevent bacteria and plaque from damaging the enamel.

Regular Care

If problems, such as cavities or crooked teeth, are noticed during the visit, the dentist can recommend and provide many of these treatments. Fillings, extractions, even braces may be offered to help ensure the child has a healthy and beautiful smile that can benefit them throughout their lifetime. The dentist may even have X-rays taken of the child’s teeth and jaw to identify problems and to ensure all teeth are going in straight and proper.

With regular dental visits and proper oral hygiene at home, a child is ensured of healthy teeth as an adult. It also helps to ensure that they maintain these habits and visits throughout their lives without fear or anxiety. Visit Mequon Smile Design for more information about these and other services.

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