Give Yourself the Gift of a Beautiful Smile for Christmas this Year

Our teeth were meant to last us a lifetime. While adult versions follow baby teeth, when the adult teeth become damaged, there is not a third round of teeth waiting in the gums. There are many reasons for not having the smile that you’ve always desired. Teeth that were crooked and never aligned might now be damaged due to an improper bite, cavities, and other reasons. Today, dentists have more ways to restore someone’s smile. A dentist trained in cosmetic dentistry techniques has already made, and applied gorgeous porcelain veneers Evanston area residents are always raving about.

These veneers are designed to adhere to the tooth surfaces. Typically, these are placed on the front teeth, and most dentists recommend doing several teeth and to match the color with the existing teeth to look natural when finished. New advances in dental technology and equipment have made it possible to quickly place attractive porcelain veneers Evanston area cosmetic dentists are very familiar with. When completed, these veneers should look like your own natural teeth. This is generally an elective dental procedure done for mainly cosmetic or beauty reasons. However, trauma or diseases can cause the tooth to breakdown or decay beyond what a dentist can fix. In these situations, the veneers would be placed for a more restorative dental procedure.

The holidays are fast approaching who can forget that darling holiday song where the child only wants two front teeth for Christmas. Give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile for Christmas this year. If tooth whitening, restorative dental work or other remedies fail to work, the dentist can use natural appearing porcelain veneers Evanston inhabitants can get to improve their current smiles drastically. Contact Stephens Dentistry for detailed information on dental veneers and other dental services.

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