We Make Customized Molds

If your teeth look yellow, then you have time to have teeth whitening in Palm Coast, Fla., before the holidays begin. Whitening toothpaste and mouth rinses won’t lift the deep stains from your teeth, but a dentist can use stronger products to improve the appearance of your teeth. Rather than using generic plastic trays for the whitening gel, a dentist will make customized molds for your teeth so that the chemicals will soak into the surface enamel of your teeth. This process will help to dissolve the ugly stains on your teeth that are near the gums or between your teeth.

Protection for Restorations

When you have dental restorations such as veneers and crowns, you should protect the items from the damaging teeth-whitening chemicals. If these restorations are stained, then a dentist will whiten the devices safely with different methods. Before the teeth whitening in Palm Coast, our dentist will apply a substance to your restorations so that the chemicals won’t damage the items. In addition, your dentist can use a desensitizing chemical on your gums to prevent irritation after the procedure is completed.

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Your dentist uses a stronger hydrogen peroxide solution than what is in store-bought teeth whitener kits. He will brush the solution onto the surfaces of your teeth before adding water to your mouth, and this creates a chemical reaction. The water and hydrogen peroxide will begin to bubble, helping to lift the discolorations from your teeth. After approximately 30 minutes, your dentist will rinse your mouth with water to wash away the chemicals. By avoiding brightly colored foods and beverages, you can keep your teeth white longer. For more information about professional teeth whitening in Palm Coast at Cypress Point Family Dentistry, you can visit our website at https://cypresspointdentist.com/.

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