How Dental Bonding Can Benefit Your Smile

Your smile is an instant resume. When you flash those pearly whites, people are drawn to you and want to learn more. A good smile also serves to bolster your confidence as well as the confidence other people have in you. Dental bonding has been the go-to solution for millions who have desired to give their smiles that extra luster we all desire.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding works by utilizing resin that bonds to your teeth. Resin is rock-hard and can handle the abuse of chewing even difficult foods. The resin is colored to match the natural color of your teeth. This way, it is extremely difficult for someone to notice that you have had work done. Once the resin is applied, an ultraviolet light is used to make it cure. The curing process helps the resin bond to your teeth, making the resin and your regular teeth one, strong unit.

How Is it Used?

Dental bonding can help you repair teeth that are cracked, chipped, or stained. It can also make a tooth that is misshaped have the kind of shape that makes it compliment your smile the way it should. In addition, if you have gaps between your teeth, they can be filled using dental bonding.

Some Unique Benefits

Your teeth are covered with enamel, and the maintenance of this helps your teeth remain strong. During some dental procedures a good amount of the enamel is removed. This is not the case with dental bonding. Very little, if any enamel is removed in the process.

Dental bonding also makes less changes to your teeth than procedures such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns. The more of your regular teeth you are able to maintain, the better.

It can also usually be performed during a single appointment. This means you can get right back to your busy life without having to worry about one or several follow-up appointments. The less intrusive a dental procedure, the better, especially because time is perhaps the most important resource you have.

If you are interested in improving your smile or the overall health of your teeth, you can turn to 1st Choice Dental. With a solid portfolio of experience, 1st Chioce Dental can help you decide whether dental bonding will suit your needs. You can learn more about all of the options via the Internet at

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