Preventive Dentistry Methods Are Important for Round Lake Beach Children and Adults

Dental preventive methods are just as vital to children as to their parents. Many parents say that children’s teeth will come out anyway, so why bother with preventive methods? Your kids dentist in Round Lake Beach will answer that kids have dental health concerns due to their ingestion of candy, sugary juices, and other sweets. These are some preventive measures to care for your children’s teeth that your kids dentist from Round Lake Beach might suggest.

Fluoride Treatments

If your water doesn’t contain fluoride, then your teeth are weakening. The bacteria in the mouth combines with the sugars we ingest. These attach tooth enamel causing cavities and tooth decay. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel. It acts against these bacteria and even the decay.

Cleaning Teeth

No amount of brushing and flossing can totally eliminate plaque and tartar in children’s teeth. They get between the teeth, and only your kids dentist in Round Lake Beach has the special tools with which to get it all. This should be done twice a year to avoid tooth decay and cavities. These cause pain to a small child that s/he won’t know how to describe to you.

Space Maintainer

When a child loses a tooth, sometimes the other teeth move around. This prevents the permanent tooth from coming in straight. A space maintainer keeps the other teeth from crowding the permanent tooth. Space maintainers are made of plastics or metal that are specifically fitted to your child’s mouth. It’s small and comfortable, but it will take a few days for your child to get used to it.

Mouth Guards

Many parents have toddlers and small children enrolled in Pee-Wee sporting groups. These sports are particularly dangerous if the child gets smacked in the face. Teeth could come loose or break. Mouthguards protect against this.

To learn more about dental preventive methods for your children, contact the experts at Reilly & Siegel Family Dental.

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