Getting Implants Through Restorative Dentistry in Kent WA

All those wishing to regain their smile through a method of Restorative Dentistry in Kent WA should know that the most recommendable alternative way is the implant. This procedure you are facing is the most complete and effective method when it comes to recovering both oral aesthetics and functionality. Given the advantages offered to patients by this process, it is not unusual for many people who choose this treatment to be cautious. Will the procedure hurt? Will your smile regain its former glory?

Unlike what many people think, it must be said that this is a relatively simple and painless procedure. A pure titanium implant is inserted into the jawbone, something of which requires a dentist to make a small incision in the gum. This is a simple, rapid and painless procedure, taking into account that the dentist uses local anesthesia in the same way as they would with the vast majority of oral interventions. Those who have dental phobia or require several implants can opt for assisted sedation, being a novel technique that is proving successful as it sedates the patient through a series of drugs in a controlled manner, causing tranquility and tolerance to the usual hassles of dental treatment.

Keep in mind that the insertion of the implant is only one phase of this process. Restorative dentistry in Kent WA involves a consultation appointment where the dentist will ask the patient about their previous oral history and their overall medical history. The procedure will commence, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have your smile in one day. However, in today’s society it is very common for patients to have a provisional prosthesis during the period of osseointegration.

It is noteworthy to state that dental implants are the best solution when it comes to restoring the mouth, and is also a method that fits the needs of any patient because this is a perfect treatment for both patients that have lost a tooth or two and those patients who have lost all of them. In addition, experts say that bone regeneration techniques are of so much quality that the jaw bone can withstand the load exerted by dental implants. Visit Auburn Dental Care or their Facebook page to learn more.

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