Proper Dental Care in Grove City, PA Is Still Essential with Dentures

The average person should see the dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and examinations to ensure proper oral health. However, when you find you need dentures in Grove City PA, you may wonder if this still applies to you. After all, there are no real teeth to brush and your oral health has already declined enough to have lost your original teeth. However, when you wear dentures, you still need to make regular trips to the dentist for other reasons.

Oral Health

You may not have your original teeth any longer, but your oral health is still important. Even if you don’t have your teeth, you still have your gums, which can still develop infections, gingivitis and even oral cancer. When you visit the dentist, he will check your gums under your dentures to make sure your mouth is as healthy as it can be. Identifying any problems early will ensure it can be resolved before it becomes a serious issue.

Denture Fit

When you have dentures, the shape and size of your mouth will change over time, mostly due to the lack of teeth anchored to the bone. When your teeth aren’t anchored in your jaw bone any longer, the bone begins to deteriorate. This means your dentures won’t always fit properly. It also means you need a dentist to inspect the fit of your dentures so you can order new ones or get them repaired as soon as you need them.

Monitor Bone Loss

As mentioned above, the bones in the jaw will begin to deteriorate when your teeth are no longer anchored in them. Therefore, you need a dentist to use x-rays at least every couple of years to monitor the bone loss you are experiencing. This will allow your dentist to track whether the progression is normal or if something else needs to be done.

Proper dental care in Grove City PA doesn’t stop when you get dentures. Seeing the dentist at least once a year will ensure your oral health, even if it is just the health of your gums, is staying on track. The dentist can also track the fit of your dentures to conduct repairs or let you know when it is time for new ones, as well as monitor the bone loss in your jaw through x-rays. This will provide you with a beautiful smile, even if you do have dentures.

To learn more about getting proper dental care in Grove City PA, even when you have dentures, visit Quad County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

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