The Latest Advances in Orthodontics in Covington

Orthodontic technology has vastly improved over the last few years, giving rise to more pleasant treatment options that give faster results than was ever thought possible. Through these latest innovations, patients can now receive care that is less invasive, uncomfortable and obvious. This has given more patients the opportunity to have their alignment issues corrected, so their smiles can be perfected, giving them greater confidence. Through Orthodontics in Covington, many patients are given the opportunity to uncover their smile potential.

What are Some of the Advances in Orthodontics in Covington?

  • *   Custom smile design – This is one of the most exciting advances in the world of orthodontics because it allows patients to become fully active in making decisions on their care and how they want their smiles to look when treatment is over. With 3D modeling from impressions, dentists can easily map out the course of treatment for their patients and give them the best options for creating the smiles of their dreams. Through this new technology, orthodontic treatment is much more specialized and creates beautiful smiles in much less time.
  • *   Clear brackets – In the past, the only option for patients needing braces was metal brackets. While effective in improving smiles, these brackets were not always attractive. Many adults did not relish the thought of having a mouth full of metal brackets. Today, there are clear brackets, that are much less obvious and prevent staining in the teeth. This allows for the traditional treatment with braces, without the cumbersome metal mouth look and feel.
  • *   Invisalign – One of the latest advances in orthodontic care is in the form of clear aligners, called the Invisalign system. These clear trays are worn for two weeks each and then a new aligner is put into place. Many patients, especially adults, welcome this new advance that allows them to receive orthodontic treatment without others knowing.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and would like a straighter smile, you need Orthodontics at Covington Smiles of Covington. They will work with you to help you achieve your best smile possible. Contact Covington Smiles Dental Clinic today and allow them to get started on correcting your smile.

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