Tips for Maintaining Dental Health while Dealing with a Dental Phobia

If the thought of going to the dentist makes your heart rate spike and causes you to break out into sweats, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, fear of dentistry is so common it has an actual name, dental phobia, and millions of people suffer from it. It is a phobia with severe consequences, as the fear prevents you from getting proper care, and as such, is one of the only phobias with a consistent and significant effect on your actual health. But what should you do if you suffer from such a fear?

Look for Gentle Dentistry Clinics
With dental phobia such a persistent issue, many dentists understand the significance of it. As such, in recent years, more and more dentist offices have opened up with a specific eye towards treating those with such a phobia. They will keep all of your concerns in mind, and allow you to be in control at every step in the process.

Schedule a Consultation Visit
Going to an office the first time knowing that they will be drilling into your teeth can be a harrowing experience. One way to alleviate that anxiety is by scheduling a consultation beforehand. You can go in, speak with your dentist, get the lay of the land and the aesthetic of the office, all with the confidence that you will not be worked on that day, and when you come in for your actual appointment, you won’t be stepping into unknown territory.

Try to Distract Yourself
Bring in your headphones and listen to music, or even better, a new audiobook. Having something to focus on in your head can go a long way towards preventing the anxiety you will be feeling while sitting in the chair.

Most people with dental phobia admit on the way out of a dentist’s office that it wasn’t as bad as they were expecting. Most often, the biggest stress from the visit isn’t the pain itself, it’s the anxiety that you put on yourself. If you can alleviate that anxiety, the visit will be a lot better than you would expect. The qualified and understanding staff at Pickering Square Dental can assist you with family dentistry in Pickering. Give them a call today.

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