What to expect when you need a tooth implant in Mississauga

Are you considering getting tooth implant surgery in Mississauga? If so, you can benefit from knowing what to expect beforehand. It can be very unnerving to go in for dental surgery without being informed. Without a comprehensive knowledge of what is involved, you can quickly become stressed out and overwhelmed. Thankfully with several advancements in modern dentistry, you are able to get a tooth implant Mississauga procedure with very little discomfort.

The First Checkup and Consultation

The first step to getting a tooth implant Mississauga patients should know about is the consultation phase. This step is very critical because it is when the dentist goes over what the procedure will be like and when they determine if you are a good candidate for the tooth implant surgery. You can have a consultation at any time that works for your schedule however you should let the dentist know beforehand that you are considering tooth implant surgery.

After the first consultation

The damaged tooth is removed after the first consultation and the the jawbone is prepared for the surgery. This may include bone grafting if needed. Following this, the jaw bone will need to heal and then the metal post is then placed in the jawbone after it heals.

Get fitted for the tooth implant you need

The next step in the process of getting a tooth implant Mississauga dental patients should know is that they will be getting fitted for dental implants. Whether one implant is needed or several, the dentist will need to take a mold of the patient’s smile so that they can have the artificial tooth created at a lab.

Having the tooth implanted

After getting the tooth fitted, the dentist will schedule a day for the tooth to get implanted. For more information about dental implants, contact Credit River Dental dental office today by calling (905) 278-4297 today.

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