What Parents Should Look for When Finding an Orthodontist for Their Kids

Orthodontic treatments can offer many benefits to your children. They can prevent jaw disorders, boost your children’s self-confidence, improve speech problems, and make it easier for them to clean their teeth, which will prevent a wide variety of problems. If you see that your children have crooked teeth or large gaps in between their teeth, you likely know that braces are necessary. Here are a few things to think about when finding a kids’ orthodontist in St. Augustine.

Check for the Right Training and Credentials

Dentists across the nation offer a variety of services that can improve a child’s oral health. However, you need to check for the right credentials before taking your child to an orthodontist or dentist. You need to be sure that the orthodontist has completed dental school and has received specialized training, including having spent more than 4,000 hours in a supervised environment working with patients. It is only a licensed orthodontist who will be able to provide the best orthodontic services to your children.

Read Reviews and Ask to See Samples of Their Work

You can ask to see samples of the work of done by the orthodontist. Looking at before and after pictures can be helpful. It is also a good idea to read reviews on the website of the orthodontist and from other sites.

When you meet with the company name for the first time, the orthodontist will examine your child’s teeth and offer a treatment plan. Compare treatment plans that have been offered by a variety of orthodontists. If the treatment plans differ significantly, ask each orthodontist why they feel their recommendation is best.

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