What To Expect From Cosmetic Dentistry In Fort Myers, Florida

In Florida, cosmetic dental services are performed for aesthetic reasons. The dentist determines what treatments are more beneficial for the patient. The cosmetic services improve the way the smile looks and restores the patient’s self-confidence. A local dentist offers Cosmetic Dentistry in Fort Myers Florida right now for all patients.

Improving the Aesthetics of the Smile

During the consultation, the dentist examines the patient’s teeth and gums. The cosmetic dentist identifies all areas that require correction. The purpose of the consultation is to determine what services are needed to correct the aesthetics of the smile. The dentist also provides a cost estimate for each service.

Correcting Common Imperfections

Common dental imperfections begin with discoloration. Permanent discoloration isn’t eliminated with whitening techniques. The dentist installs veneers to conceal permanent yellowing of the teeth. The veneers are also used to correct slight alignment issues and disproportionate smiles. The veneers are installed in one dental visit us in a short amount of time.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the most permanent solution to tooth loss. The devices are installed individually or in sections. The installation process starts with the titanium root. The root is installed through the tooth socket and connected to the jawbone. An implant crown is attached to the titanium root with an abutment. If the patient needs a full set of dental implants, the implant crowns are installed on plates with up to five roots connecting the device to the jawbone.

Ongoing Cosmetic Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments are among the ongoing cosmetic treatments. The treatments involve the application of a professional grade peroxide solution. The solution is applied to each tooth individually. The dentist uses an ultraviolet lamp to maximize the whitening effects. The treatments are performed according to the dentist’s recommendations. The dentist will provide at-home treatments in between dental visits.

In Florida, cosmetic dental services are performed to eliminate imperfections that hinder the appearance of the smile. The services include whitening treatments, veneers, and dental implantations. The dentist provides the services based on the current needs of their patients. Ongoing services are available to maintain the patient’s smile. Patients who want to schedule cosmetic dentistry visit us for more information right now.

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