What Patients Receive Through Emergency Dentistry In Kent, WA

In Washington, dental patients may experience emergent circumstances that require immediate assistance. These circumstances are managed during the business day and after-hours based on the level of pain and risk they present. Local dentists provide emergency dental services to lower risks and manage pain quickly. The following is information about what patients receive through Emergency Dentistry in Kent WA.

Managing Sudden Breaks and Fractures

Sudden breaks and fractures can place teeth at risk of more damage. These conditions can also lead to serious pain for patients. They require immediate repairs to stop pain and to prevent further issues that could lead to tooth loss. The dentist can perform vital repairs to correct the damage fast. For more severe damage, the dentist can perform reconstructive services.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Impacted wisdom teeth must be extracted quickly. These teeth erupt through the gum line at an angle. This can lead to the development of a flap in the gum. This allows bacteria, food, and other debris to collect in the flap. If the tooth isn’t extracted quickly, the risk of an infection is greater. These conditions could present serious risks for the patient.

Abscesses and Infections

An abscess or infection presents serious risks for dental patients. They can develop due to issues with wisdom teeth. But, they can also develop these conditions as a result of periodontal disease. At the gumline, pockets can develop into which bacteria can collect and produce these conditions.

Repositioning Dislodged Teeth

At any time that a tooth is dislodged, the patient must act quickly to save it. Under these circumstances, they can place the tooth in a jar of milk to preserve it for a few hours. However, they must acquire fast dental services to reposition it. An emergency dentist can provide them with these accelerated services.

In Michigan, dental patients face dental emergencies throughout their lives. These emergencies are managed through a local dental professional. These dentists can provide after-hours assistance or work the patient into their existing scheduling during office hours. Patients who need services available through emergency dentistry in Kent, WA contact Auburn Dental Care to acquire services now.

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