What to Know Before Getting Invisalign Near Midway: The Top Three Facts

If you’ve been considering getting Invisalign in Midway to improve your self-confidence and transform your smile, do your research on the procedure. Continue reading to learn the top three facts you should know before meeting with your orthodontist.

1. Invisalign is Relatively Painless

If you’re worried about these clear aligners causing you any bit of discomfort, don’t worry. Invisalign near Midway is relatively painless. While you may experience a small amount of discomfort when you first get a new set, it should dissipate.

2. Straighter Teeth Can Improve Your Health Overall

Misaligned teeth can be harder to brush and floss. However, once you have a perfect and straight set of teeth, these daily routines should be quite simple. Know that oral hygiene is quite crucial to your overall health. Harmful bacteria can enter the body through the mouth, so having Invisalign near Midway can very well improve your overall wellbeing as well.

3. Invisalign Requires Daily Cleaning

Expect to wear your aligners for up to 22 hours of the day. Only remove them for meals and daily cleanings. Use a solution made for dentures, or use your own homemade solution of water and distilled vinegar.

Hoping to Get Invisalign Near Midway?

Now that you know a bit more about Invisalign and how it can improve your wellbeing, you’ll need to meet with an orthodontist to discuss your options. Unsure of who to contact? Chicago Dental Solutions can lead you onto the path of straighter teeth. Learn more on their website.

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