How Middleton Residents Can Benefit From TMJ Dental Treatments

TMJ disorders can negatively affect your quality of life and overall health. Here are some things you should know about TMJ dentistry in Middleton, WI.

TMJ disorder is a collection of symptoms that a person experiences when their temporomandibular joint is misaligned. The symptoms could include facial pain, jaw pain, headaches, dizziness, shoulder pain, and a popping sound in the jaw.

It is typical for TMJ Sleep dentistry in Middleton, WI specialists to work with individuals who have TMJ disorder because of bruxism, a bad bite, habitual chewing, fingernail biting, stress, or trauma to the mouth and jaw. The dentist will perform a physical examination of the patient’s neck, head, and teeth before diagnosing them with TMJ disorder. They will also look at their medical history.

Dentistry can help those suffering from TMJ disorder by correcting a bite imbalance. Treatments may involve having the patient wear a mouth guard at night or when they are in a stressful situation. Treatment could also include the patient wearing braces. If their bite is misaligned, it will cause the tendons and muscles in their jaw to get over-exerted, which will lead to the symptoms mentioned above.

Dentists may recommend that clients with TMJ disorder make lifestyle changes to reduce their stress. This could prevent jaw clenching and tension in the upper body.

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