How Parents Can Set a Good Example When It Comes to Oral Health

The example that parents set can go a long way in helping their children have healthy teeth. When parents make brushing and flossing normal and fun activities, good oral healthcare will stick with their children for their entire life.

Getting family dental care in Cary, IL, should not be seen as something that is only done when an emergency arises. Everyone in the family should have their teeth cleaned and examined by a dentist regularly. Ask your dentist what regularly means for your family. Dentists often recommend that individuals visit every six months or at least one time a year.

When parents make family dental care in Cary, IL, a priority, small issues can be easily addressed. This makes visiting a dentist less intimidating and expensive. Think about how much easier it is to treat gingivitis in its early stages than it is to deal with gums that have receded. Or think about how much easier it is to fill a small cavity than it is to have a root canal performed.

Parents can also set a good example when it comes to nutrition and healthy teeth. Studies have shown that consuming sugar leads to tooth decay and gum disease. Parents should encourage their children to rinse out their mouth with water after eating sugary foods. They can also encourage their children to have a healthy diet. Avoiding candy and consuming more vegetables is good for overall health and oral health.

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