What Kinds Of Treatments Do Orthodontists in West Allis Offer?

What Is “Two-Phase Interceptive Treatment?”
Once upon a time, orthodontic treatment was the province of youngsters in their early teens. The American Association of Orthodontists now recommends that a child have their first appointment with an orthodontist by the time they are 7 years old. Orthodontist in West Allis will be able to spot developing problems like crowding or an overbite as the child’s permanent teeth come in.

Some problems, like an unusually narrow palate, respond best to treatment when the child is quite young. During the first phase, the orthodontist will treat such problems. After successfully completing the first phase, the orthodontist will continue to monitor the child’s development as their adult teeth continue to grow in. The second phase, which almost always involves braces, will start when the child is around 12 after all of their permanent teeth – except the wisdom teeth – have grown in.

What Is Radiance Plus?
Radiance Plus is a make of clear braces. They are made from a type of ceramic called monocrystalline sapphire, which is extremely hard. The brackets are strong and translucent; the latter trait means they blend in with the patient’s teeth. The metal arch wire is thus the most visible part of the appliance.

Since clear braces work the same way that metal braces do, your orthodontist in West Allis can use them to treat many of the same problems. Treatment usually takes around 18 months, and the patient will have to visit the orthodontist every four to six weeks, so the orthodontist can check their progress and adjust their braces.

The patient will have to pay scrupulous attention to their oral hygiene, for clear braces can become stained and discolored.

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